Mercado Jamón Ibérico

In the center of Madrid since 1965

We are “Mercado de Jamón Ibérico”, a family business rooted in the Spanish gastronomic tradition with more than 50 years of experience in the heart of Madrid.

We are specialized in the sale of Iberian Hams of the best quality. With a careful selection of products that stand out for their excellence, we have earned a solid reputation in the Madrid market as a supplier of top quality Iberian ham.

At Mercado Jamón Ibérico we share a passion for Spanish gastronomy, passing down from generation to generation the love for our products.

The Spanish Dehesas, vast tracts of land characterized by their diverse flora and rich soils, are home to one of the most cherished gastronomic traditions: the raising of Iberian pigs for the production of Iberian ham. These emblematic landscapes, found mainly in regions such as Extremadura, Andalusia, and parts of Castilla y Leon, provide the ideal environment for the breeding of these animals.

In the Dehesas, Iberian pigs are raised in the wild, feeding mainly on acorns and wild herbs during the montanera, the fattening season that usually occurs between autumn and winter. This natural and varied diet, together with the exercise they get from roaming freely on the land, contributes to the infiltration of fat into the animal’s muscles, resulting in the unique texture and flavor of Iberian ham.

Raising Iberian pigs in the Dehesas is not only a centuries-old practice rooted in Spanish culture, but also an example of sustainability and respect for the environment. These ecosystems are carefully preserved, as their biodiversity is crucial for both animal welfare and the quality of the final product.

The breeding process in the Dehesas and the subsequent production of Iberian ham are a testament to the producers’ commitment to excellence and tradition. Each piece of ham that comes from these lands tells a unique story, reflecting the care and dedication that have been invested in each stage of its production. Therefore, when we enjoy an exquisite Iberian ham, we also celebrate the natural and cultural richness of the Spanish Dehesas.

Ham Cutting Course

Sumérjase en nuestra acogedora jamonería familiar en pleno centro de Madrid. Book your ham slicing course and enjoy typical Spanish sausages. We love interacting with our customers, sharing knowledge and guiding them in the selection of handcrafted products.

Each visit is a unique gastronomic experience, with this visit you will have the option to learn with the ham cutting course and a tasting of typical products.

Discover the Spanish tradition in every bite with us in our Madrid corner!


Enjoy the authentic experience of our cozy family ham shop in the heart of Madrid. Enjoy typical Spanish sausages in a friendly and fun atmosphere, with tastings prepared on the spot with quality products.

In this tasting you will be able to taste different products of our land such as 100% Iberian ham, Iberian sausages, sheep cheeses, organic oils and a selection of our best wines.

We are waiting for you to discover the delicious Spanish tradition in every bite in our beloved Madrilenian corner!